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Behavior Manager


How to change the values in dropdown menus

Edclick products are highly customizable. Most of the customizations are available for authorized users to make in the Customizing and Editing section.

Users with Unrestricted permission are authorized to change all of the parameters in the Customizing and Editing section. Users with DisciplineAdmin permission are authorized to change many of the parameters. If your account is not authorized to make these changes, you will be notified and will not be able to access the page.

In addition to the customizations available through the Customizing and Edit section, there are other customization parameters that must be changed by Edclick staff. Contact to have those changed made.

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Can we get a new feature added?

We are always looking for ways to improve our products. We are eager to hear your suggestions about what would help make you more efficient and effective.

Please send your suggestions to

We cannot implement every suggestion that we receive but we have implemented a lot.

Keep those good ideas coming!

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Logging on and permissions

We cannot log on through PowerSchool

If an individual cannot log onto Edclick from PowerSchool

The PowerSchool student information system provides single signon so that once you are logged onto PowerSchool, you can click the Edclick application link which will log you onto your Edclick applications. (Single signon does not work in the other direction, Edclick to PowerSchool.)

Staff members are set up for single signon to Edclick automatically. Edclick imports staff info from PowerSchool and creates the tables necessary to determine which PowerSchool account corresponds to which Edclick account. This correspondence is based on IDs.

Sometimes for various reasons IDs are changed on PowerSchool so they no longer match the corresponding account on Edclick. For example, this commonly happens when a staff member has worked at a school but changes jobs to a district job. This can make the staff member's single signon fail to work.

Many of these cases are taken care of automatically but sometimes they are not. If a user can no longer use single signon to go from PowerSchool to Edclick, she will get an error page listing some ID numbers. Take a screen capture of that error page and send it to We will fix the table and get single signon working again.

If no one can log onto Edclick from PowerSchool

This is very unusual. It may mean that a server is down or that the single signon info in PowerSchool (called a plugin) is corrupted. Please contact immediately.

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How to give a user districtwide access

Most Edclick users use products on only one campus. By default, a user account provides access and other permissions to only one campus.

Some users, however, need access to campuses across the district. We provide for those users with a Districtwide account.

A user who needs Districtwide access starts with an account on one campus. The account is then modified to be Districtwide by simply turning on the Districtwide feature on the Edit User page for that user.

When an account is Districtwide, the user can move from campus to campus by selecting a campus from the dropdown menu on the upper right of the admin page. When the user moves from his home campus to another one in the district, all of his permissions on the home campus are carried along to the destination campus.

To designate a user as Districtwide, go to Edit Users, locate the user account you want to change, click Edit for that account, change Districtwide to Yes and Submit your changes.

Note that there only needs to be one user account on one campus account for the user to have Districtwide access. He does not need separate user accounts on each campus.

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How to change a user's permissions

Creating, deleting and changing user accounts requires Unrestricted permission.

A user with Unrestricted permission can change the permissions of other users including deleting them or granting them any permission including Unrestricted.

Changing the permissions of a user account is easy. Go to Edit Users, locate the user of interest, click Edit across from her name. That opens the Edit User page which lists all permissions for this user account available on your campus. Check the permissions that you want to grant to a user and click Submit at the bottom of the page.

When a user account has permissions changed, she will have to log off and log back on for the new permissions to take effect.

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I forgot my password

If you know your username but not your password, you can click Forget your password? on the logon page (after a failed attempt to log on). If the username is recognized and your email address is in the system, your password will be emailed to you.

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I forgot my username

If you forgot your username, you can click Forget your username? which appears after a failed logon attempt. It will allow you to enter your email address. If it matches an email address on file, it will send your username to your email address.

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How can students log onto the student portal?

Students need their student ID and password to log onto the student portal.

There are two ways to create portal passwords for students: 1) generated by Edclick or 2) send students an email with a special link.

Generating passwords by Edclick

Edclick automatically creates portal passwords for students. When a new student is added to the student list a password is automatically generated. Administrators can also create a new set of passwords for students at the Create Portal Passwords page.

Students can be informed of their portal passwords by printing labels at the Student Portal Passwords page. The labels can be applied to letters or cards that are passed out to the students.

Once on the student portal, students may change their password if they wish.

Send students an email to create portal passwords

If all your students have email addresses, you can choose to send each of them an email through Create Flash Messages that includes an encoded link for creating a new portal password.

The Create Flash Message page allows you to choose the students to send emails to. You can select them all. In the body of the message include the following (with the square brackets)


A unique link will be created for each student identifying the student to the portal. The student is then asked to enter her student ID and a new portal password. The new password will replace the Edclick-generated password.


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How to edit letter templates

The notification emails that are sent out to staff, parents and students can be edited by an authorized member of your staff.

To edit letter templates go to

Administrative Functions > Customizing and Editing > Notifications > Edit Letter Templates

Choose the template name to edit and submit. The items on the left of the page in [square brackets] are data items that will be filled in for you letter. You can copy and paste them into the body of your letter (including the [square brackets]) and the data will be substituted in. For example, if you put [FacultyFirstName] [FacultyLastName] in the body of the letter and the teacher Mary Armey had submitted the referral, then "FacultyFirstName] [FacultyLastName]" will be replaced with "Mary Armey".


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We are not receiving notification emails

Notification emails are usually sent out automatically. If the intended recipients are not getting them, there may be several causes.

  • Notification emails may be turned off for your campus. Check the Permissions Wizard to see if they are enabled.
  • You campus may be configured to send out notification emails by House. The assignments of students to their houses may be in error.
    • Houses may be set up to be computed automatically such as a house for 9th grade, another for 10th grade, etc. If they are out of sync, go the Customizing and Editing > Houses and click the button Update Houses. That will recompute the houses for all students.
    • Houses can also be assigned to students explicitly, such as when a new student list if being imported. If this is the case, you can reload a file wiith studentIDs and their House to bring them up to date.
    • Houses may be assigned partly automatically and partly explicitly. For example, one school computed the Houses of 9th and 10th graders automatically by grade but loaded the Houses of 11th and 12th graders explicitly because they were assigned to Houses based on the counselor that they had been assigned to. Clicking Update Houses updated the ones that were calculated, then they imported a file of studentIDs and their Houses to set up the 11th and 12th graders.
  • If no one is receiving notification emails, the cause is most often that your local network is blocking them.
    • You can test this by temporarily replacing a school staff email address that should be notified with an email address that is not on your network to receive notification emails (e.g., or
    • You can change email addresses on the Edit Staff page.
    • If your school address does not receive a notification email but the out-of-network does, it means that your local network is blocking the notification emails.
    • Ask your nework administrator to whitelist all emails from

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Starting a new school year

How to get ready to start a new school year

Several things must happen to get a good start on a new school year.

  • Update students and staff
  • Set important dates for the new school year
  • Adjust notifications as necessary
  • Update behaviors as necessary

Update students and staff

Automatic updates

Students and staff may be updated automatically or manually. If your campus is set up for automatic student updates, there's nothing more you need to do. The students will be updated.

Manual updates

Campuses that are not set up for automatic student and staff updates can update students with the Student Import Wizard. Staff can be updated with the Staff Import Wizard. The wizards upload CSV or tab-delimited text files, validate the data and use it to update the database.


Students no longer at the school will be archived and all behavior records from the previous year will be archived (not deleted).

When staff is updated, staff no longer on the list will not be automatically archived. This is because district staff are sometimes given accounts to log onto different campuses. Since they are district staff, not campus staff, they won't be listed on the campus staff list. Thus, we cannot automatically archive staff just because they are not on the list.

After the staff has been updated, take a moment to review the staff list on the Edit Staff page. If there are staff who have left the school, click Archive to archive them.

Set important dates for the new school year

There are important school year dates to set on the Configure Behavior Manager page at

Adminiistrator Functions > Customizing and Editing > Configure Behavior Manager

Set the school year start and end dates, no school dates, grading period end dates and Merit, demerit and tardy counting dates. If tardies are to be counted from the first of the school year, leave this last one blank.

Adjust notifications as necessary


If you want Behavior Manager to send notification emails to be sent to all administrators with DisciplineAdmin permission, make sure that any new administrators have been given DisciplineAdmin permission at the Edit Users page.


If notifications are sent based on houses, check the Edit Houses page to make sure that the right administrators will be notified. If you make any changes in the Houses definitions, click the Update Houses button to update the students' houses according to the new definitions.


Behavior Manager can notify staff members depending on groups that students might be members of such as ethnicity, race, special ed, etc. Notifications can also be sent based on the student's behavior or the consequence she has been assigned. View these notification options on the Notification Options page and make any necessary changes.


Students can be assigned mentors. If a student has a mentor name and email in the Edclick student record, the mentor will be notified if there is a behavior referral. Mentors can be assigned to some or all students using the Students Import Wizard. An individual student can have a mentor assigned or removed at the Student List by clicking Edit by the student's name. If Edit doesn't appear, you do not have permission to change student records.

Update behaviors as necessary

State reporting requirements may change from year to year. The changes often concern behaviors and intervention policies. These can be changed on the Behavior Categories page.

Keywords: behaviors, new school year, notification emails, staff, students

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How to reset tardy counts

Tardy counts can be accumulated over a school year or other specified period.

If you wish to accumulate tardy counts over a time period other than the full school year, enter the dates after which to reset counting at

Administrator Functions > Customizing and Editing > Configure Behavior Manager

Enter a list of dates in the box labeled Merit, demerit and tardy counting end dates. When these dates pass, you need take no additional action. The counts will reset automatically.

Keywords: demerit total, merit total, tardy count

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Can we start using Behavior Manager before we get a new student list for the new school year?

Yes. This is a not uncommon problem.

We have provided a quick fix to get you going. At

Administrative Functions > Customizing and Editing > Configure Behavior Manager

there is the link Auto-Graduate Students. This link will increment the grade level of all students and archive the ones that go beyond the highest grade in the school.

It is obviously preferable to import a new student list as quickly as possible. However, when there will be a delay, Auto-Graduate is a quick and easy way to get you started.

Keywords: auto-graduate

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Update students and staff

One of my staff members is not showing up on the staff list

We are often asked about staff members who do not appear on the staff list, especially when the staff lists are being pulled from your student information system (SIS).

For schools where we automatically pull students and staff from the SIS, the most common cause for this is that the staff member has not been added to the school in the SIS. Once they are added to the SIS, they will be imported. This is the most effective way to add staff to your list because it automatically pulls all the information needed such as information for single signon (if supported) and the local staff ID which is essential for updating the records when changes are made such as name (e.g., marriage) and email changes.

If your school does not automatically import students and staff from the SIS, you can add a new staff member at

Faculty Functions > Staff Info and Log Out > Edit Your Staff Info, then click Add Staff in the upper right corner.

Keywords: add staff, DASL, OneRoster, PBSI, PowerSchool

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How to remove a staff member from the staff list

We don't typically remove staff members from the system. Instead, we archive them so they will no longer appear.

To archive a staff member, go to:

Faculty Functions > Staff Info and Log out > Edit Staff

Then click Archive across from the staff member's name.

The archived staff member will no longer appear on the staff list, her logon information and permissions will be removed and, if she was set up for single signon, her single signon data will be removed.

Keywords: archive staff, delete staff, remove staff

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Why do I have duplicates on the staff list?

Students and staff members are identified by IDs. This is necessary because people use different names (e.g., Robert vs. Bob) and people change their names through marriage. Email addresses tend to be more stable but these often change too with a name change.

So, when we load a new student list or a new staff list we rely on IDs to positively identify them.

Sometimes, for various reasons, administrators decide to change staff IDs. It is rare to see administrators change student IDs but not uncommon with staff. As a result, if we have Hamilton Burger ID=22314 on file and we import a staff list with Hamilton Burger ID=334562, we assume there are two Burgers. Two will be listed on the staff list.

If you see two Hamilton Burgers on your staff list and you know you only have one, you can archive one of them.

But the best solution is, please do not change IDs of students or staff.

Keywords: duplicate staff, duplicate students

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